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Has your vehicle been damaged by hail or other distortion while parking or transporting or has a sharp item  just fallen down on your car? Keep your head up - there is nothing as simple as repairing it with the PDR method.

Doctor Dulek company offers you the following sorts of service:
  • Specialization in paintless coarchwork repairs of hail or parking damage of your car.
  • A long time experience dealing with insurance events all around the Czech republic, as well as abroad.
  • We are a realiable partner in repairing hail damaged vehicles.
  • Our company has a network of contractual garages all around the Czech republic.
  • You can apply for our service via Internet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • If we haven´t got a contractual partner at the place you live, we will repair your car at a selected garage.
  • We will arrange all to deal with the inurance event for you, such as the date of repair at our contractual partner, dealing the insurance event with your insurance company etc.
  • Guarantee: Doctor Dulek company provides you with 5 years guarantee against coachwork corrosion and repairs done by OUR COMPANY.
Keeping opmimal value of your vehicle:

 Do not let hail or other sorts of damage that might happen while using your car lower the value of it! The right moment to use our best price offer for removing the dents out of your vehicle comes handy especially if you plan to sell your car or if you have to return it because your leasing period is over. Let Doctor Dulek company, Ltd. be your only and best choice ever!